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Laser Vision Correction

Laser Surgery Consultation and Co-management


The decision to have laser surgery is one of the biggest, most rewarding and difficult ones you can make in your lifetime. Am I a candidate? How is it performed? What are the risks? What centres offer the best care? These are just some of the questions we commonly hear. At our office, Dr. Victor does the majority of Laser surgery consultations. If laser corrective surgery is appropriate for you, Dr. Victor will help you understand the benefits and risks of the surgery.  He will recommend and refer you to the best centres for the procedure and will work closely, in partnership, with you and your surgeon for the pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical care. To learn more and to discuss your options, just inquire about the procedure during your full eye examination. Your questions will be answered objectively and thoroughly. Dr. Victor is an affiliate doctor of some of the best surgical centres, including TLC (the Laser Centre), The Bochner Eye Institute and The Hamilton Laser Eye Institute.