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As part of our service to our patients, we dispense eye glasses and carry a wide range of frames, lenses and sunglasses. Our optometrists and staff are familiar with the thousands of product choices available. We use our experience to find the clearest optics, the most fashionable designs, the most comfortable frames, and the best durability in materials. Our personal commitment gives you the ability to see the world as clearly as possible while protecting your eyes and looking great in the process.


In our dispensary:


• There is a large selection of frames to suit any style and budget. Our frame designs are continuously updated throughout the year.


• There is a 2 year warranty against any manufacturer`s defect for all of our frames.


• You get thorough and complimentary adjustments of your frames at any time to keep them looking great and feeling comfortable. Most minor repairs are done on-site.


• You can be assured that your lenses are made according to the Doctor`s prescription and recommendations with precision and strict quality control. Our main lens manufacturing lab has been in business in the Burlington and Hamilton area for over 3 decades and is highly respected in the optical community.


• Your lenses will be chosen from several different designs and companies based on the frame chosen and prescription, not from a sole provider as the large chains do. We use lenses from Nikon, Zeiss and Hoya just to name a few.


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will discuss all of your lens options, including:


• Progressive lenses (no line bifocals)


• Computer lenses


• Transitions/photogrey lenses (change colour depending on light conditions)


• Polarized lenses (reduce glare and reflections off water, snow and other surfaces)


• Drivewear lenses (polarized & transitions lenses that also work behind a car windshield)


• Next generation Non-Glare coatings that don’t smudge and stay clean


• Trivex lenses (a lightweight and shatter-resistant material that is optically superior to traditional polycarbonate/featherweight lenses)


• Hi-index lenses (thinner & lighter lenses for high prescriptions)


• Safety lenses


• Specialty lenses (eg. Sports glasses, swim goggles, etc.)








Frames & Lenses